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Do I need to offer 3% to a buyer’s agent when listing flat fee MLS?

buyers agent commissionsRegardless of the offered buyer’s agent commission or compensation, that agent will protect their buyer’s best interest and show the home. We recommend paying 2.5% commission to the buyer’s agent. The buyer’s agent may say the discounted real estate commission is too low or try to dissuade the buyer because the listing type is FSBO or limited service listing.

Always remember that, no matter what, the home will be shown. If by some odd chance the buyer’s agent attempts to not show a flat fee MLS listed home, the buyer will not stop until they find an agent that will.

It doesn’t matter that the buyer’s agent requires 3%, what matters is that homes sell homes, not commissions and not the listing type. What I mean by this is a seller or listing agent can offer 5% commission to a buyer’s agent but if that home is over-priced nothing will happen. You can throw on a $10,000 agent bonus and nothing will happen. Buyers run the show and they really don’t care about commissions or flat fee MLS listing type. They want the home that they like!  And, they want relevantly priced homes. Not homes that are 6-10% over the market.