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Was your property affected by Hurricane Irma?

Was your property affected by Hurricane Irma?  The State of Florida has been declared a National Disaster area, with many counties declared as a Federal Disaster area. Many people are still without power throughout the state, including elderly, hospitals and nursing homes.

If you were affected by Hurricane Irma, you have options that can help:

  • FEMA announced on Wednesday that Polk and Brevard Counties have been declared a Federal Disaster.
  • Central Florida has been declared a Federal Disaster area.
  • Freddie Mac has posted information on how to get a forbearance on your mortgage if you were in the affected areas.
  • The IRS is offering tax filing relief to Hurricane Irma Victims in Florida and Puerto Rico.
  • Federal Officials are offering mortgage disaster assistance for Irma Victims ranging from 3-12 month forbearances.
  • Banks offer breaks to customers caught in Hurricane Irma’s path.


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